Alisa Dworsky and Danny Sagan founded Terra Firma Inc after graduating from the Yale School of Architecture. At the time we created an organization that was responsible for both the construction and design of all of our projects. For ten years, we built almost everything we designed, specializing in smaller building projects, furniture, and houses. In recent years our services have changed to primarily design and architectural services. As DS Architects, we now design projects in close collaboration with clients and builders.  

We are specialists in the creation of super energy efficient, highly insulated and sustainably designed buildings and have been focused on these principles since we founded our first design practice in 1993. Many of our structures are "Zero Energy", all the building's energy needs ( heating, cooling and electrical) are provided by passive solar, active solar and other renewable energy sources such as natural ventilation, wind and local wood. We provide services which include all phases of design, from predesign and programming to construction documents certified by an Architect's seal. We have a license in the State of Vermont. 

We have each taught architecture for over twenty years. Danny Sagan is currently Undergraduate Program Director at the Norwich University, School of Architecture and Art, in Northfield Vermont. Alisa Dworsky has been an adjunct and visiting professor at Norwich University and currently teaches a design studio there. We have taught, lectured and served on design juries at Yale University, Stanford University, The Glascow School of Art, Clark University, The University of East London, Cornell University and many other institutions throughout the United States.